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ecosis is a platform enabling a fair, democratic and sustainable digitized market.
Imagine an Amazon, Uber and AirBnB rewarding participants like customers or business entities with passive income out of platform traffic!


For User

Do web in the most secure way. Bundle your web accounts into a web account of the next generation and benefit from owning your data and access to awesome community spaces and products! Additionally, you can stake and have passive income out of the whole marketplace.

For Developer

Build modern Applications with the most well-known programming language Typescript without all the confusing crypto principles. Build an app or platform on top of ecosis and enjoy the developer-friendly features of modern crypto technologies to build a fully community-friendly platform!

For Businesses

Register a business and use awesome tools from network delegates like Payment-Gateways, next-gen-social-media, autonomous advertisements, etc. Grow your community by being attractive with automated rewards!

For Investors

Don't worry about where to invest anymore. Simply invest in Nomics and vote for a delegate, which gives you a ROI out of the revenue stream generated by the voted delegate!
The assets Nomics is stabilized by over-collateralizing reserves!


It is clear that we need a marketplace that ships more sustainability, democracy, and fairness. Our day's marketplaces are designed in a way only a few win. But to solve this, it is all about the right digital infrastructure. Good news: With our day's technologies, it is possible to solve this right now!


Because of this, we decided to get on the journey to build a platform which uses all benefits by crypto but without all these nasty speculating effects, because the market is designed to be intrinsic on its own.
We want this
  • easy to use
  • scalable
  • non-volatile
  • rewarding
Build spaces for your community and leverage the best out of digital economics to enable a better cash flow and a more active community because of attractive passive rewards for customers!
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